Final opportunity to invest in our 5.5% APR 3-year bond – only one month left

The bond will close on 31st August 2017, click here for the bond offer document. Orchard Community Energy (OCE) is Kent’s biggest community-owned renewable energy project. We have already successfully acquired a £6M solar farm in Iwade Parish, near Sittingbourne, using the community ownership model. This is an exciting step for Kent and just the beginning of our aim to ensure communities have the opportunity to own and control the generation and use of local energy.

We began raising community investment for our project in October 2016 and now there is only one month to go before we close the funding round to investors. The project has now been generating power and exporting to the grid for more than a year.

The 5 MW array produces enough electricity in a year to meet roughly the equivalent demand of 1250 homes.

Using the community energy financing model, we are ensuring that surplus profits are accrued at a highly beneficial rate. Over a 20 year span, Orchard Community Energy aims to build a Community Fund of up to £3M.

Our bond offer will close on the 31st of August and the first interest payment to investors will be in November 2017. If you would like to invest, please complete the application form at the back of the bond offer document and send it to

This bond offer is supported by Mongoose Energy Limited.