Share offer coming soon… Register now for updates

For the first half of this year, we have been considering how to allocate our £10,000 community fund, which brought some fantastic local community projects to our attention. We have reached a decision and will be making an announcement about who has received grant funding in September. We’ve also been raising money through our 2017 Solar Bond Offer to refinance the 5MW Orchard solar array. We are making great progress in replacing the short-term funding from OPDE, which was required to complete our purchase of the Orchard solar farm.  We are planning to open a new share offer in late September to enable more community investors to become members of Orchard Community Energy – and allow us to fully repay the loan.

Orchard Community Energy now welcomes you to pre-register your interest in the share offer by emailing us here. We will notify you when the share offer has been published.

To find out more about Orchard’s current bond offer, visit our Ethex page or download the 2017 Solar Bond Offer document from our website.