Project summary

Orchard Farm Solar Array is our first project. It is a 5 Megawatt (MW) ground mounted array located near Iwade, Kent. The project went live in 2016, and has been exporting electricity to the grid ever since. The projected annual output is 5,020 MWh – enough to meet the equivalent annual electricity demand for around 1,250 homes.

The solar site is 100% community owned and is the first community share offer in North Kent and Medway.

The land where the project is located has been classified by an independent agricultural consultant as primarily interim Grade 3b agricultural land with around 25% Grade 3a. In the past the site was used as a source for brickearth extraction and the topsoil replaced. The land is classified as interim Grade 3b in recognition of the fact that restored land is more challenging to farm.

The Orchard Solar Array is located next to another 5 MW solar array, which is also community owned. The two projects share a grid connection but are electrically, legally and financially independent of each other.

We are currently seeking further projects.



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